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To all our supporters,

In August 2015 the White Cross Mission registered with the Utility Warehouse to take part in their Charity Fund Raising Scheme. Very simply this means that anyone deciding to change their service providers (house phone, mobile, broad band, electricity, gas) to the Utility Warehouse and giving the White Cross code when they do so, will not only save money for themselves but will also help the White Cross Mission. Every month, when you pay a bill, 5% of the amount will be donated by the Utility Warehouse to the charity. We hope enough of you will be interested in taking part in this scheme as this will give us the opportunity to pay our teachers regularly for many years to come. 

You don’t have to transfer all your utilities at once. You can start with the one where you feel you are paying too much, give the details to Utility Warehouse and see what they quote you. If you like what you hear they will make all the changes for you. It’s very easy and the people at the end of the phone are extremely helpful. You can sign up by using free phone 03337773212, pressing option 3  and remembering to quote the White Cross code  of L60089. Or you can go on line to www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/L60089. If you would prefer to talk to someone local, you could phone Nigel on 07966423216  or Sarah on 01822 258476 and ask all the questions you need. You won’t be tied to a termed contract and can move on again, without penalty, whenever you wish. 

To check if it really works Philip and I have changed our electricity server to Utility Warehouse and, although we personally didn’t make any savings in doing so because we were already on a good tariff, every time we now pay our regular bill of £92 a month, the White Cross will receive  £4.60p. It’s not much, but every little counts. If you enquire you may find that in your case you will make considerable savings, as well as helping us pay our teachers, all at no extra cost to yourselves. AND  there is something else that you may find interesting! When you sign up you will receive a purchasing card and every time you use it at a participating outlet (EasyJet, Sainsburys, B&Q and a hundred or so others) a percentage of your purchase will also be sent to the White Cross. 

 Many Parishes , charities, Rugby Clubs etc have already signed up to the scheme and it is endorsed by Sir Terry Wogan.  (If you go on the web site you can listen to him enthusing about it!)  and yesterday I met a local farmer who has been with Utility Warehouse as an individual customer for 18 months now and who says he is happy with their service and that they are very easy to deal with. As a result I feel confident that this scheme is a good one and that it could give us the regular income we need, and, in addition, you may find that your bills are cheaper!  

If it’s all too much bother, don’t feel bad. The scheme was recommended to us by a supporter to whom we are most grateful, and we feel it is well worth a try, but in the end it’s totally up to you!  

With every good wish.

Pat Robson                 


White Cross Mission

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